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Director of Sales0May 10, 2024Details
prayer0June 1, 2023Details
Please pray 0May 8, 2023Details
Please pray..0February 5, 2023Details
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God’s will0January 30, 2023Details

Director of Sales

Ojai Waggoner
Hope you're doing awesome! I'm Ojai, I was reaching out to see if it might help you out to provide an updated professional cleaning quote for your company space? Companies such as Seaworld, The Orlando Ballet, Phillips Toyota, and Primrose Schools trust us with their cleaning and this is just a small portion of our thousands of happy clients. When works for us to provide a no-obligation quote for your recurring facility cleaning? Let me know when you're free, and we'll make it happen. Cheers, Ojai Waggoner Director of Sales DBS Building Solutions Jacksonville Respond with stop to optout.


Anonymous Anonymous
Please pray for freedom from all oppression related to the desires of my heart, my sexual identity, and that everything not of God be powerfully blasted out of the water and gone forever in the mighty name of Jesus. Pray for faith to believe in the almighty power of God in this area, peace with God related to this, and that I will experience and live in God’s goodness in the land of the living related to love between husband and wife and sexual intimacy in Jesus name. Pray God move powerfully to free me, heal me, move the mountains, and end my suffering today related to sexuality and sexual intimacy as God intends for me in Jesus name. Pray for satisfaction instead of hurt, anger, pain and frustration in THIS AREA in Jesus name. Pray God powerfully redeem, restore and heal THIS AREA in Jesus name. Pray for physical healing to manifest completely. Pray for overwhelming victory in THIS AREA in Jesus name. Pray God end all of my suffering related to unfulfilled desire. Pray for love, faith, hope and miracles.

Please pray

Anon A
Please pray for completely transformed desires and that God deliver me from all wickedness, oppression and evil. Pray God totally remove every perverse and wrong desire and all related sickness of heart, mind and body caused by perverted desire. Pray God flood my heart, mind and soul with right and good desires that are from him alone, the desires he wants for me, and that he provide abundantly and perfectly for every desire he gives me. Pray to burn with holy fire instead of hell’s fire. Pray for freedom from the occult, shame and failure. Pray for sexual freedom, right relationship and peace with God and others, miracles of deliverance, and great faith for freedom and breakthrough in all these areas. Pray God abundantly pour out his Holy Spirit, love and mercy on me! Pray for complete peace with God and that God fully and completely redeem the time and all that’s happened to me. Pray for deep, deep healing, wholeness, abundant life and prosperity of soul, and a full and satisfying life in Christ. Pray every ancestral curse be broken and that God bless and deliver all of my parents and all families as well (I have a very broken family because of sin and divorce) - that not even one be lost. Pray to walk in all God’s promises by faith, that God hear every single prayer and petition, and that no demon ever touch or use me (especially sexually) again. Pray that all these good works be fully, supernaturally completed and eternally sealed by God in Jesus name.

Please pray..

Hayeong Shin
Please, pray the following for us(Ha-young, Ye-young, Ui-seop, Jung-won, Hye-ok, Yul-bin, Suzy, Eun-tae, In-sook, Im-hak, Tan-ae, and you) Jesus, forgive our sins and grant us the true freedom you promised. Remove all blinders from our eyes, which you have called the lamp of our bodies, so that when our eyes are clear, our whole body will be filled with light, according to your word. Jesus, even if we stubbornly follow you, no one can come to me unless the Father who sent me should draw them, and just as you said, I will raise them up. All our efforts are in vain if God does not work in us. In John 5:44, it is said, "How can you believe when you receive glory from one another and do not seek the glory that comes from the only God?" Lord Jesus, we pray that you would give us all the glory that comes from the only true God, not from mere humans. The glory that the Father, who has loved the Son from the beginning, has given to him. May God grant us faith (emunah) and keep us steadfast, so that we may not waver. May he soon bestow upon us the kingdom and enable us to live, so that we may give praise for all that God has done for us.

Please pray..

Ha-yeong Shin
Please, pray the following for us(Ha-young, Ye-young, Ui-seop, Jung-won, Hye-ok, Yul-bin, Suzy, Eun-tae, In-sook, Im-hak, Tan-ae, and you). 1. Jesus, please send us your word directly and quickly fulfill your will. May our personal desires and actions all be aligned with your will. 2. Jesus said that no one can come to the Father except through him. Also, no one knows the Father except anyone to whom the Son wills to reveal Him. God's son Jesus, we ask that you designate us all as those who directly reveal the Father God, and give each of us your presence, so that we may know the Father God. As a result, we all hope to achieve true repentance and become one with the Father God to achieve completeness. 3. King Jesus, please let your kingdom quickly rule over us all. May we keep your commandments and soon dwell together with all of us. 4. Cast out the evil spirits from us directly with your Holy Spirit, and share with us what we have been robbed of.

God’s will

Ha-yeong Shin
Please pray the following for Ha-young, Ye-young, Ui-seop, Jung-won, Hye-ok, Yul-bin, Suzy, Eun-tae, In-sook, Im-hak, Tan-ae, and for all of you. I want the will of the true God, who knows all our needs, to transcend our personal will. 1??. Pray that Jesus Christ will speak the following words come true to us — 1)“Ask the Lord of the harvest, to send out his workers into his harvest field.” -[Luke? ?10?:?2?] 2)“When someone stronger(Jesus) than he(demon, unclean spirits, = thieves) attacks him, he takes away from him all his armor on which he had relied and distributes his plunder.”[ ??Luke? ?11?:?22? ] 2??.Help us keep the commandments by the will of Jesus Christ and let God’s promised kingdom come. 3??. Pray for Jesus Christ to reveal to us the work of Father God and for that will to be done perfectly and holy. I want that the Son wills to reveal the Father God to us and reveal Him directly to us. 4??. Let us worship Father God in the Spirit and in truth but let us worship not according to a person’s will but solely by the will intended by Jesus.
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